eBay UK Contact Number

The featured eBay UK phone number is 0345 355 3229

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You can call eBay UK customer service line from 8am to 10pm on Monday to Friday and from 9am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

It is highly advisable to have your phone number registered on your eBay account ready in hand before calling, as this is the first thing you will be asked by automated menu on this eBay UK contact number. Remember to provide it in full, with area code!

If you do not have or remember your registered with eBay UK telephone number for whatever reason, there is a workaround to get past this first question – you have to wait until system asks for you eBay account telephone number three times, subsequently it will recognise that there is an issue on the call and will direct you to a customer service representative for resolution. This is not ideal solution, as it makes your waiting time on the call longer before you can speak to someone from eBay UK customer service team, but this way you can contact eBay UK by phone even when you are not eBay UK customer yet and need help with signing up or you cannot login to your eBay UK account and do not remember which one of yours contact numbers – home, work or mobile you gave them.

The other contact details for eBay UK available from the official eBay UK website are:

The following customer support channels may be used to contact eBay customer services apart from the contact number for ebay uk

Postal address, for the hopefully rare instances when you want to deliver your complaint to eBay customer service uk in writing:

eBay Customer Service
P.O. Box 9473
Dublin 15

Online customer support services in the form of the:

  • Live chat
  • Email via contact form
  • Answer centre also known as “community support”

You want to be logged into your eBay account to make a full use of eBay.co.uk online services. First of all, your online browsing experience in the online eBay UK Help & Contact center will be conveniently tied to your recent orders. Second, there is a word on the internet, from someone who claims to be high ranked employee of eBay in the past, that – quote here as website in the link might require you to register to show full content:

Like many companies, eBay tiers customer support levels based upon a users level of activity. This was implemented broadly back in 2005. A user who has purchased > $50k of product and has > 4k items purchased will automatically be in the he highest support bracket. I believe you have a phone number displayed in My eBay unique to your buying level and you likely have an assigned account manager at this level and, if not, you should be talking to agents that are pretty empowered. All of these agents will also be able to escalate you to their manager.

eBay UK maintains presence on the social media like Twitter and Facebook, however content there is mostly news and the only dedicated eBay customer services Twitter account seems to be not very active as well as oriented towards US customers, at least in terms of service hours.

Alternative eBay contact numbers you probably also should be aware of are:

24/7 eBay phone number in the UK is: 0800 358 6552 Use this telephone number only in case when the usual eBay UK support channels are not available and your issue is pressing enough, for example you are suspecting someone used your eBay account without your permission
Free phone eBay UK customer service number: 0800 358 6551 This number is featured on some internet web pages, including non or semi official community eBay pages. It is nowhere to be found on the official eBay contacts, we leave the decision to use it or not up to the reader.

How to contact eBay UK walkthrough, i.e. help to find that uk ebay number by yourself!

First of all, you can just use our featured eBay phone number UK 0345 355 3229 to contact eBay UK.

For curious reader there is a walkthrough below. To make it more interesting, suppose one temporarily lost access to his eBay account or does not have account at all.

After finding and pressing “Contact eBay” link on eBay website the user is greeted with the following login form:
The eBay UK Screenshot - first step in locating eBay UK contact number
At first glance there is no way to progress without being able to login, however staring at the screen for more than half of minute one might get a clue that using the “Continue” link at the bottom might help. And it does!

The journey to the eBay phone number continues to the next screen:
The eBay UK Screenshot - second step in locating eBay UK contact number
On this webpage one have to get through a questionnaire to obtain available support options and contact details. The trick is that not all answers are “correct” in regard to make a site to display contact number for eBay UK. Good few of the routes end up in displaying various online support options only. After being somewhat persistent and creative and trying a few various routes via this maze lucky person finally getting phone icon. Clicking on which reveals the eBay UK telephone number, as demonstrated on the third and final screenshot below!

The eBay UK Screenshot - third step in locating eBay UK contact number
And do not forget that after dialling the number dug out via outlined steps, you still have to apply the other eBay contact number workaround mentioned earlier if you do not have or remember your contact phone registered on your eBay account to get through very first question on the call to the eBay UK contact telephone number.