Sky Q receives award for being the best TV experience for UK customers

Launched less then a year ago, Sky Q not only impressed the UK customers, but already managed to scoop The Home Entertainment Product of the Year Award.
As a home entertainment system, it was compared to and got ahead of PS4 and XBOX S by TrustedReviews. It’s a bit odd comparison, Sky Q is not a game console. Nevertheless, it for sure able to provide hours of entertainment for a whole family.

“Sky Q is the ultimate TV viewing solution. This is TV the way it should be done.”

This is because it satisfies pretty much every conceivable TV-viewing need. Supporting UHD aka 4K resolution and very convenient recording service (with recent firmware update), Sky Q box allows customers to watch their favourite TV programs in the time that suits them, where it suits them. On the big screen connected to the main Sky Q silver box in the living room. Or streamed to the smaller TV in the bedroom via Q mini box. Or on the smartphone via Sky Q app.
For more information visit Sky website.

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